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A good fire warms the body…and also the soul.

Locally live-cut green hardwoods followed by optimal curing with natural Indiana wind & sunshine.

The best nature can produce

Growlydog, LLC is a family owned & operated business dedicated exclusively to helping our friends and neighbors in Zionsville, Indiana enjoy beautiful hardwood fires in the pit, fireplace or wood stove. Our firewood is made from logs that are live-cut, standing timber which is being harvested to make way for urban sprawl in and around Zionsville. Most of the forestry material is ground into quality hardwood mulch, however the very finest alive, green & clean logs come to us.

  • More than 50 years

    We’ve been producing or helping to produce firewood for five decades or so and our current access to raw materials is the best we’ve ever had.

  • Only local live-cut hardwoods

    Growlydog Super-Premium Firewood is made exclusively from Indiana hardwoods prevalent in our area and you can order ahead and select the specific species!

  • Produced with Local Hustle

    Our production labor is sourced from the community of Zionsville

  • Custom sizes

    The Growlydog program allows you to choose the firewood log length and girth.

  • Naturally-cured

    Proper curing takes time. We carefully track production dates and product is delivered only when ready to burn.

  • Fast processing for best quality

    Timely processing is important. Once we cut a log into rounds, it is promptly split, immediately stacked and covered.

  • Storage

    Innovative storage and handling in customized totes containing one face-cord of Super-Premium Firewood.

  • Growlydog Primo Kindling

    Included inside each tote is a burlap bag of our Primo Kindling; you’ll love it!

The Growlydog Program

2023 Production & Inventory Update

Free delivery in the 46077 and 46075 zip codes (generally on Saturdays)

Upcoming Delivery Saturday - July 13th

Price List

Start with a base tote and customize the species and size to your preference. We deliver anywhere in the 46075 and 46077 zip codes at no charge.


  • Base Tote $300

    Mixed Hardwood, Standard 16” Length, Standard Girth. Includes one bag of Primo Kindling.

Tote dimensions: 48” L x 39” W x 53” H

Customize your tote

  • Single Species $25

    Choose between Hickory, Oak, Cherry, Hackberry, American Walnut

  • Smaller Girth $25

    Smaller circumference than Standard Girth, less weight, easier to carry

  • Custom Length $25

    Our standard length is 16". Custom lengths include 12”, 14”, 18” and 20”

  • Primo Growlydog Kindling $25

    Included inside each tote is a burlap bag of our Primo Kindling; you’ll love it!

Solo® Fire Pits & Accessories

Solo fire pits

  • Ranger $200

  • Bonfire $220
  • Yukon $400

Solo fire pit stands

  • Ranger stand $30
  • Bonfire stand $50
  • Yukon stand $80

Solo fire pit heat deflectors

  • Ranger heat deflector $125
  • Bonfire heat deflector $175
  • Yukon heat deflector $235

Growlydog Grogg Primo Coffee

  • 12 oz bag $15

  • 5 lbs bag $65
Available in whole bean or coarse ground


  • Delivery Free

    Delivery to 46077 or 46075 zip code

  • Empty tote pickup Free

Order Request

Complete the order request form below and we will contact you regarding deposit and delivery.

A Tote Deposit of $100 secures you order. Balance will be invoiced at delivery time.  Or choose to receive a single invoice up front for the total.

Tote Deposit is refunded (or rolled forward) upon pickup of empty tote(s).

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